Why is Dubai the apple of the public’s eye?

Dubai is because of the rich and for the rich. There is great trading happening, many goods are importing and exporting in the city. It is a central part of many countries, as there are connecting flights from Dubai. Dubai has amazing buildings, malls, airports, monuments, nightlife, drink, tourism and real estate. The economy of the city is also at the peak, as per increased 9 percent of tourism. The world’s longest building is also in Dubai, which is named the Burj Khalifa. Other than that, the biggest malls, luxury cars, fashion designers, are also found in Dubai. The skyline of Dubai is 248 buildings rising at least 100 metres (330 ft) in height, which is unbeatable for any city or country up till now.

The geographical location of Dubai:

The geographical location of Dubai is its most prized possession. The city is known for its astounding architecture, lavish lifestyle and infusion of culture. Covering the sea 16 m or 52 ft above, people have aspired to go to Dubai just because of its view. Real estate plays a great role, as there are great projects for selling and buying. It’s not easy to have villas in Dubai, as people are always searching for villas for sale in Dubai. If you want to enjoy a finer place in life, Dubai should be on the radar.

Dubai Mall:

Dubai mall is one of the primary malls and best places to visit within Dubai. It is not only a shopping mall but it also has good indoor activities for kids, as well as adults. The Dubai mall provides entry to Burj Khalifa, as well as the Dubai Aquarium. It has an ideal location, centred in the city. There is an ice-skating rink, gaming zone and cinema complex for your entertainment. Endless fun and food, add on making your day memorable. There are mostly special events going on, such as live concerts, fashion shows, dancing and many more. The most famous is the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, celebrated in January and February and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival in July and August.

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is a landmark building in Dubai. It is the major attraction of every tourist. It is 829.8 meters tall, which is impossible to see from the close. People are obsessed with visiting Burj Khalifa just to see 124 floors of it. The view from the Burj Khalifa is the bird’s-eye perspective. The slick on the deck includes multimedia to present Dubai and building Burj Khalifa.

The nightlife of Dubai has a separate fan base. At night, visitors are particularly popular with photographers. There is a ticket for the top floor of the Burj Khalifa, which is completely filled on specific occasions. people make pre-bookings.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is located in Al-Fahidi Street, Al-Fahidi. Constructed in 1787, the Dubai Museum was created to defend Dubai Creek. It is created out of traditional coral blocks, which are glued together using lime. The astonishing architecture is inclusive of wooden poles, which support the top storey of the building. Going off of the traditional design, the ceiling is created with palm fronds, mud and plaster.

The entrance has an enticing view, as it shows the maps of emirates in Dubai. It shows the expansion of the mammoth, following the oil boom.

Under the ground floor lies the display halls, which are covered with art that shows the different areas of traditional life. It also includes the artefacts, which are extracted from the three thousand to four thousand-year-old graves from Al Qusias archaeological sites.

Dubai is always eye-catching for tourists, which is the reason to visit frequently. People are really obsessed with buying properties over there. If any of you are planning to buy properties in Dubai must go through Bulgari Residences Dubai. There is a great trading business. That is why the value of the land is very high. In the UAE, Dubai has the most fame. The trading carries through both air and river, as it is connected with the Arabian sea. People are very much obsessed with villas in Dubai. They have amazing views and good resale value.